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Are you looking to boost your baby’s development?


Does your baby cry or get fussy when placed on their belly?


Do you want to make tummy time FUN for you and your baby?


Pediatricians emphasize the importance for babies to spend time on their bellies. But for some of our little ones, staying on their tummy can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard!


The Tummy Time Group Class provides 2 weeks of guided, parent-led classes facilitated by a pediatric occupational therapist. Each tummy time class will be centered around how to help your baby love tummy time. Parents will be guided step by step on how to help their baby move their bodies in and out of tummy position. We will engage in activities that build's your baby's brain through movement. Our Tummy Time class provides simple and practical ways to infuse tummy time into your baby's routine and make it fun for you and your baby! This is also a great opportunity to connect with other parents!

There are so many benefits for babies who participate in tummy time:

• Helps correct head shape
• Improves head control, balance and posture
• Prepares babies for sitting and crawling
• Decreases reflux
• Promotes visual motor skills
• Strengthens tongue, jaw, and neck for optimal latching and feeding
• Babies are happier and more engaged during tummy time
• Creates a social and emotional connection with the caregiver


2 months old - Pre-crawlers (5+ months)

CLASS LENGTH: 60 minutes

DATE(S): Friday, June 28th, 2024

PRICE: $50

LOCATION: PlayPod, 10890 NW 17th St Unit 122, Miami, FL 33172



  • How many parents/babies attend per class? Classes are intentionally kept at 6 parents/babies for a positive and personal experience for both parent and their baby.

  • What do I have to bring to the class? All you need to bring is your baby's favorite blanket or sheet and 1 -2 favorite toys. Clean mats and floor chairs with back support are provided for your comfort.


Have Questions? Call Javier at 305-793-2390, or send an email to

Thank you for registering you and your little one for our Tummy Time Class! A registration link and additional information will be emailed to you in the next 24 hours.

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